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While our code is MIT licensed, the designs are licensed under different licenses that the designers can choose themselves. Some licenses require attribution. You must respect both licenses if you want to use avatars from DiceBear.

maleMale / 8biticonPlastic Jam
femaleFemale / 8biticonPlastic Jam
humanHuman / 8biticonPlastic Jam
avataaarsAvataaarsPablo Stanley - Free for personal and commercial use
botttsBotttsPablo Stanley - Free for personal and commercial use
micahAvatar Illustration SystemMicah Lanier BY 4.0
initialsInitialsFlorian Körner 1.0
identiconIdenticonFlorian Körner 1.0
jdenticonJdenticonDaniel Mester Pirttijärvi
gridyGridy AvatarsJan Forst