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Frequently Asked Questions

What is this library best suited for?#

DiceBear is best suited for designers and developers to create avatar placeholders. But you are free to use the generated avatars for other purposes.

Does a seed always return the same avatar?#

Yes, as long as the same version of a sprite collection is used, a seed will always return the same avatar. This allows you to represent user identities with DiceBear, for example.

Will the library remain free of charge?#

DiceBear is developed open source and will remain free of charge. I believe that everyone should be able to benefit from this library. Also I'm always happy about improvements and extensions of contributors, which help me to make DiceBear Avatars even better.

Can I use an email address or other sensitive or personal information as a seed?#

No! Sensitive or personal data should never be used as seed. The seed could be read from the source code. The generated avatar could also reveal the seed.

How stable is the HTTP API?#

DiceBear is a hobby project. Therefore, I can not guarantee the availability of the HTTP API. Access to the HTTP-API can be temporarily or permanently blocked. I also reserve the right to completely discontinue the HTTP API.