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Choose NPM if you want to use a avatar style that is not available via the HTTP-API.

Install the Avatars package with the following command.

npm install --save @dicebear/avatars

You also need to add a avatar style. In our example, we will use the male avatar style.

npm install --save @dicebear/avatars-male-sprites

Now you are ready to create your first Avatar.

import { createAvatar } from '@dicebear/avatars';
import * as style from '@dicebear/avatars-identicon-sprites';
let svg = createAvatar(style, {
seed: 'custom-seed',
// ... and other options

You can also omit seed to create a completely random avatar.


We provide a large number of avatar styles from different designers. The designs are licensed under different licenses that the designers can choose themselves. Some licenses require attribution. For a quick overview we have created an license overview for you.