Our free HTTP-API is the easiest way to use Avatars. Just use the following URL as image source.

Replace :sprites with male, female, human, identicon, initials, bottts, avataaars, jdenticon, gridy. The value of :seed can be anything you like - but don't use any sensitive or personal data here!


Most options can be specified using the query string. Note that you have to encode the values. Boolean values must be specified with 0 for false and 1 for true.

The following URL for example sets a blue background:

And this URL sets the mood option for the avatar style male to happy and sad:[]=happy&mood[]=sad


The API also supports versioning!

Always use the latest version:

Use a specific version (4.5 for example):

The last 10 minor versions are supported - starting with version 4.4.